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Hydraulic sprayer working process and composition
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Hydraulic able to send the spray atomization and spraying said fluid mist type Tut , whose work is characterized by the liquid pressure, so that the high-speed flow in the spray system , and then the nozzle ( atomizer ) spray , because unstable state by the liquid and the liquid and the internal friction between the air , then the liquid is atomized , and is fed to the spray target , the main components are the tank , filter means , a stirring device , a pump ( pump or pump ) ' lance , nozzle , liquid switch.

Liquid storage tank is used , bottle sprayer and some also doubles as a storage of compressed air. Filter means is mixed into the liquid in the filtration of inclusions , to avoid damage and plugging pump spray nozzle holes. At least three or more motorized sprayer filter device , one tank filler neck , the second is the liquid into the pump before the three before entering the nozzle . The fineness of the filter aperture becomes necessary , as the filter at the aperture of the nozzle orifice diameter of not more than 1 /2. Net area should be sufficient to ensure the liquid into the liquid supply.

In recent years, the spray volume (L / ha) a reduction in the sprayer with a smaller diameter of the nozzle orifice , the filter aperture becomes smaller accordingly , ( 501,4 changed from 1 to 80, or day ) as a to ensure that such a small mesh aperture being blocked inclusions in the liquid , some _L sprayer fitted with filters self-cleaning device that uses a high-pressure liquid supplied from the pump filter screen automatically flush the debris The return line flow directly back to the tank .

Motorized sprayer tank with liquid mixing device to ensure that the concentration of the liquid inside the spraying process has always been consistent. Most pump sprayers equipped with hydraulic mixing method are used , to ensure the agitation effect , with the flow mixing with the liquid volume (L / min) should be at least the volume of the liquid tank 5% a, and should certain pressure.

To this end, in addition to the main part of the supply pressure of the liquid spray gun , the part of the reflux tank used for mixing .

Pump with rotary pumps and reciprocating pumps two types. Rotary pump with roller pumps and centrifugal pumps , only use bottle sprayer. Reciprocating pumps piston pumps , piston pumps, diaphragm pumps , etc., in a motor and manual spray on Gimli widely used

Spray cooling function
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Landscaping and moisturizing
Fog can light graceful, enigmatic , but also Ming Ming misty , vast long , you can separate into the scene , self-contained side world, but also combined with water , rockery , plants , lighting and other various elements of various shapes, complement each other. Its great variety of form and function , backpack chemical sprayers will the Chinese garden landscape mood brightened Ink elements. Its unique moisturizing capabilities , better able to both conservation and plant growth ;

Improve the small ambient air quality
After the raw water treatment by the professional and technical impact by high-pressure micro fog generated , which can produce a large number with the " air vitamin " said the negative ions , creating a city in the exclusive " forest oxygen bar" , improve air quality , wholesome ;

Lower the temperature
Fog mist molecular gas , can effectively absorb heat , reduce local ambient temperature, its low operating costs, efficient cooling effect , has many attractions Expo and conducted extensive use and recognition,backpack chemical sprayers has become the public space , residential and other new outdoor cooling element.
Plant protection machinery to eliminate the hazards before pest
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1 using the corresponding control agricultural technology agricultural technology , through crop breeding, fertilizer , improved cultivation methods ,fruit tree sprayers the implementation of reasonable rotation , soil and other means of pest eradication methods .
(2) biological control methods .
Elimination of the use of biological pest predators approach. Such as: ladybug, Trichogramma
3 Physical Control Act
Use , plant protection machinery , control , for example: tractor spraying machine, spraying machine hanging
⑴ spray - nozzle by a high pressure pump and the liquid is atomized into a method 100 to 300 microns . There are manual and motorized divided.
⑵ Mist France - the use of high-speed airflow generated by the fan will be further broken coarse droplets atomized into droplets 75 to 100 microns , and blown into the distance. Is characterized by tiny droplets released into the atmosphere is good , evenly distributed, covering a large area , can greatly improve productivity and spray concentration .
⑶ ultra low volume method - the use of high-speed rotation of the toothed disc thrown the liquid form 15 to 75 micron droplet , do not add any dilution water , so called ultra low volume spray.
⑷ smoke method - using high-temperature air to preheat thermal fission occurs after smoke , forming a ~ 50 microns of smoke ,fruit tree sprayers and then with the high-speed air blown into the distance.
⑸ dusting method - the use of high-speed airflow generated by the fan the powder sprayed on crops .
Ultra low volume sprayer safe operation points
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1 , spraying pesticides , machinery parts subject to normal operation , the operator first walking, then open the infusion switch, while walking to always keep the same speed , stop spraying, first turn off the infusion switch, and then be shut down.

2 , spraying , bottle plastic sprayer pay attention to the prevailing wind direction downwind should begin to try the spray direction consistent with the natural wind direction , wind spraying is not allowed .

3 , field spraying applications side spray technology, not facing the nozzle orifice crops, but crops have a certain angle , the angle depending on the size of the natural wind speed to be, the principle is the wind speed , the angle should be large , wind -hour , angle to be small.

4 , spraying time should not be selected in the hot noon , natural wind is greater than 3 , should not be implemented ultra low volume spray. In warehouses , greenhouses , etc. When spraying spray time not too long , in order to prevent occurrence of poisoning people .

5, when the bottle plastic sprayer spraying liquid into the cage of the bearing part , should bearings removed, cleaned with kerosene or petrol , in the bearing chamber according to the requirements specification adding an appropriate amount of molybdenum disulfide solid lubricant or calcium based grease lubrication, then install the cage .

6, in the spraying , the nozzle atomizer tumble Do not touch the crops, in order to prevent damage to the cage .

7 , add the liquid tank not too full, to prevent overflow, and if there is an overflow , should be immediately cleaned.

8 , after each use , to the tank , the residual liquid infusion tube release , the whole machine wipe clean ; spray after the operation , in custody prior to collection , in addition to the tank , pour the liquid inside the residual oil clean , but also a comprehensive cleaning, metal parts to rust oil painting , and then stored in a cool ventilated .

Price and performance is proportional to the electric sprayer
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farm sprayers price in the end is how much it depends on the performance of sprayer is how , operational intelligent than the price of your users to buy is to use functions , not just care about the price .
Many models of electric sprayer , high capacity expensive than the small-capacity , high-power power than smaller expensive .
In addition, the quality is not the same electric sprayer , such as the different raw materials , as well as sophisticated and poor manufacturing process will affect the price .
In short, electric farm sprayers price is proportional to its performance , inexpensive than the total of your easy to use, there are also differences in life .

Electric sprayer with winter footsteps
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Electric sprayer in late autumn , no longer hear the sound of it , and never see its shadow, since the advent of autumn , it has been deeply hidden,bottle sprayer waiting for the next spring to start a new journey.
Easy summer and winter festival, Fruitful, moon waxed and waned , the world 's only human ; illness and death, things change, human.
Summer is gone, autumn came ; autumn leave, winter come again .
Autumn wind, cold and deepen the layers of the earth , and so cold that completely covers the earth , when winter came , before the onset of winter, autumn is that footsteps , in faraway places haste echoing .
Winter is heavy because of the cold .
bottle sprayer in this cold winter will be hidden deeper and see traces of it , useless in the day, only to wait and wait for the clarion spring comes again .