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On LCD monitors and LCD TV distinction between
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LCD is simply the principle of the liquid crystal molecules in the generation of electrical stimulation of point, line, surface with the back of the lamp and then compose the picture .
For the entire security industry ( especially the entire security product manufacturers ) , often face a problem is this: the user directly with the LCD TV or LCD monitor instead of the tft lcd displays to monitor operations. Of course, this is not without reason , right after its cheap , but also plays a role in monitoring . If you use the LCD TV as a monitor with the signal condition is good , the effect may be the effect of the LCD monitor is insignificant, but when the signal is bad, the effect would obviously a lot worse.

In fact, people think Monitor " can be used on the line " Nothing good stress, it is not true , it 's optional on the very demanding. Some consumers may encounter such a problem : he set up monitoring equipment, the purchase of analog surveillance cameras and DVR recording systems , we found that the actual effect of the formation of the image where the trial than in the business to be a lot worse, the same products and equipment , and why there will effect gap ? Finally, we found that the original reasons for the monitor , many civilian buyers in order to save money and do not purchase a dedicated monitor surveillance equipment , but with the idle display or television as a monitor to use , the thought the quality depends only on the camera imaging effect , most of the energy and money are spent on surveillance cameras above , thus ignoring the role of monitoring the monitor , causing the effect of differences.

TV instead of a monitor can really do ?

As a professional security system, professional LCD monitors and LCD TVs, tft lcd displays have a lot of difference, which is mainly manifested in the image on the display , and the machine's stability .

1 In the image display, mainly for image clarity and image reproduction

TV viewing is usually rapid changes in the activities of the screen , the still picture image processing capabilities to be poor, monitor the main monitor mostly still images , so in a more professional image processing monitor , professional LCD monitor with Bandwidth compensation and boost circuit , the video bandwidth of 20M, the clarity of a substantial increase in professional 3D digital comb filter , enhanced brightness, color digital noise reduction processing capabilities, enhanced motion detection capability , significantly improving the smoothness of the edge of the moving image , which greatly improve the screen layering, better performance details that make the picture even more delicate nature .

If the resolution is dominated by the amplitude-frequency characteristics of video channel decision, mainly by the reduction degree of the monitor of red (R), green (G), blue (B) color signals of three primary colors and luminance signal phase the decision. Because the monitor is usually observed as a static image , and thus the color reproduction of the monitor request higher than the TV , the professional LCD monitor in brightness, color processing , and R, G, B treatment should have a precise compensation and delay circuits to ensure that the luminance / chrominance signal and R, G, B signal phase synchronization.

Optional large screen on the LCD display wall suggestions
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First , pick a few large primary criterion , the " Three Views" - see "Response time " to see " the number of colors ," and see " viewing angle ."

Response Time

For this indicator , can be considered as the input image signal response speed . Is the same point in the panel above , from black to white and white to black from the time length . If the index is too long , then quickly switch the image or video playback will produce " ghosting " effect, to discourage the use .

Response time determines the number of frames per second, the screen can be displayed , usually when the screen display speed is greater than 25 frames per second , the human eye will quickly change the picture that is continuous screen. tft lcd displays In high-speed ball running , high-speed switching or moving picture , to achieve the best display effect , you need the screen display frequency exceeds 60 frames per second , the response time of 16ms or more to meet the requirements, that is, the shorter the response time , rapid changes the picture shows the better.

Number of colors

Number of colors , refers to the monitor can display the number of colors , the higher the index , the picture is more abundant . Early , LCD can display only 16 colors, about sixty-five thousand kinds , while recent period , as technology advances , BSV has an LCD can display about 24 colors, some 1,600 million. If just from the indicators , LCD is still some distance away from the CRT , but realistically speaking, sixteen million kinds of color has to meet the requirements of most applications .

Viewing Angle

For this early use of laptop users must fully understood , using laptop computer , front screen image is the sharpest , assuming a certain angle tilt angle, you will not see the screen . Up to what point can see the screen images , this angle is the viewing angle. Viewing angle can be divided into horizontal viewing angle and vertical viewing angle . For this shortcoming , tft lcd displays liquid crystal mosaic screen manufacturers such as BSV development has also made great efforts , and now the LCD viewing angle can reach 178 degrees .

In addition, as the industrial research also reminded to , got to choose the products carefully selected , calm , first select the products with higher brand awareness . As the LCD where the most critical parts LCD panel has been decided BSV splicing tft lcd displays screen quality and price and other factors , only those with advanced and reliable backing panel production lines , product quality and after-sales service of course, can be guaranteed.
LCD with LED backlight difference between theory and comparative advantages and disadvantages of introduction
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Lcd display modules with LED What is the difference ? In the current market, many displays , the LCD display can be divided into two categories, one is the use of traditional CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent tube ) LCD display , and the other is the use of LED ( light-emitting diode ) backlit LCD display (LED display ) . It is generally known as the LCD monitor LCD monitor that is first class , and the use of LED backlight LCD display called LED (LED lighting ) , the second class monitor. So, strictly speaking , LCD and LED are two different types of monitors. For the LCD and LED What is the difference this problem, Xiao Bian through collected data from LCD and LED advantages and disadvantages to such things as an introduction (LED lights ) .
The difference between LCD and LED backlight principle of comparative analysis of its
Lcd display modules generally refers to the LCD display , is the absolute mainstream products on the market . LCD display can be divided into traditional CCFL backlight , LED backlight two products. In the LED backlit display prevalent today, many consumers in the mouth , LCD with CCFL backlight is especially LCD display .
CCFL backlight principle
CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp ) light source is a physical configuration of a glass tube is sealed in an inert gas Ne + Ar gas mixture , which contains trace amounts of mercury vapor (several mg), and the phosphor coating on the glass wall . Works is when a high voltage is applied to both ends of the tube , the tube within a few electrons generated after high-speed crash secondary electron emission electrode start discharge tube mercury or inert gas by electron impact, UV excitation radiation of 253.7nm light , UV excitation resulting coated phosphor on the inner wall of the tube and produce visible light .
CCFL lamp life is generally defined as: ambient temperature at 25 ℃ with rated current of driving the lamp , the brightness is reduced to 50% of initial brightness length of working time for the lamp life. The nominal current LCD TV backlight life up to 60,000 hours . CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp ) backlight feature is low cost, but underperformed color LED backlight . .
At present there are still a large part of the display using the traditional CCFL backlight , but at the moment compared to the price advantage of LED-backlit display has been getting smaller and smaller 18 -inch LED-backlit display with CCFL monitor prices have been almost the same . Expected later this year , the price of 23 inches will also work with the corresponding size CCFL backlit display flat. According to the current state of development, to the end of 2012 , CCFL backlit display is likely to exit the consumer display market .
Especially true fact is that LED LED bulbs , but in the display area , the consumer actually refers to the mouth of the LED is LED backlit LCD display . Most monitors have a slim body type , low power consumption, no toxic substances , etc., in the display also has the advantage of relatively good color .
At present the advantages of LED light technology has gained , energy saving, low temperature, no radiation, long life and other features make the LED light technology has been widely used in the manufacture of liquid crystal displays , many manufacturers have introduced a variety of front-line display excellent color performance , brightness, balanced, low-energy consumption of the LED display products .
Why say that the phone is TFT OLED screen
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TFT is tffet abbreviation , now mobile phones are being used screen ( not previously had a tft lcd displays screen , has been eliminated . ) Both LCD and OLED, are relying on a thin film transistor . LCD and OLED are used is the difference between a TFT , LCD of a TFT is used to control the deflection of the liquid crystal molecules , the light emission is through the back . TFT is the direct control of OLED pixels emit light . Although different functions, but they are thin film field effect transistors. If the TFT to the classification , then belong TFT.

Some mobile site authors to edit mostly halfway decent , deep understanding of electronic products , testing Ye Hao, Ye Hao science , loopholes, resulting in a large area of misleading.

In fact, smart phones and computers are very similar .

Mobile phone technology , the prototype can be found on the computer , the phone's CPU technology and computer CPU technology is no essential difference , do not know the instruction set , pipeline, branch prediction , a cache, two cache, instruction fusion ( also on the phone no ) , popular science writing mobile CPU can write on the strange. Mobile GPU, POWERVR from previous computer graphics ( Who remembers Hercules POWERVR graphics with hidden surface removal technique ), NVIDIA Needless to say, Qualcomm acquired from AMD , and AMD 's mobile graphics department can be traced back to the year bitboy ( concerned about the 3d graphics 10 years of history people would know the name ) , do not know the pixel fill rate , polygon generation rate , talking on mobile phone GPU performance is not nonsense strange.

Now mobile test software, because they do not support the vertical sync , regardless of how high performance , running some 3D test software is 58,59 frames , because the vertical synchronization constraints, then high performance can not be reflected , which is a computer graphics test basic common sense, common users are know to run graphics tests , to turn off the vertical sync. tft lcd displays The results take this small series of mobile site performance data to say how how this is how ridiculous thing ?

Screen , too, ordinary computer step by step development came from CRT computer monitor departmental site editor will not commit the most basic classification error , and mobile editing two of a smear , write half a bottle of vinegar mislead a science text . Audio, digital multi- site is a good example of professional audio test methods and science for mobile phones, naturally there will be no problem . In mobile audio, internationally famous GSMARENA not as good as a digital multi- country , this is the site to learn .

I hope mobile site editors can enhance learning, more editing to other departments and professionals ask , do not write half a bottle of vinegar in the article , so that misconceptions widely circulated .

LCD panel production line has nothing to do algebra and quality
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Q : The Graphic OLED Display production line has nothing to do algebra and quality ?

A: The LCD panel production line algebra and screen quality is linked to a misunderstanding , the main distinction between production lines algebraic approach is different from the LCD screen of the cutting process , in general, less than 5 generations production line can only cut 20 inches below size of the LCD screen, 6 -generation line more to cut a large LCD screen . 6 Line which is more suitable for cutting 37 and 42 -inch screen, the 7th generation line is suitable for cutting 40 -inch screen .

Cutting mode screen and Graphic OLED Display quality does not matter, involving the entire LCD panel backlight , polarizing , control circuits, LCD color filters and other parts , is a comprehensive evaluation . Instead, the new production line will have the possibility of instability , the low generation production line in general is relatively stable, so only from the production line to determine the screen quality of algebra is not accurate .
LCD monitor eye Raiders Dafa and solutions to common problems
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Eye monitor display method

Then the LCD monitor is replaced by the CRT , the eyes tired more easily than before . What is a good way to do this ?

Try adjustment to the monitor's brightness and contrast , change the background color and see how it works. If the graphic lcd modules face every day for a long time , maybe the installation Shibao Ping it.

Look at the computer monitor see eye fatigue, I am afraid no one encountered this experience it. This state continues it will cause eye strain and blurred vision , sore shoulders , headaches, general fatigue , decreased vision and other symptoms.

Cause eye fatigue causes include: mapping to the display of light and the reflected light , the screen flicker .

Compared with CRT , LCD monitor screen flicker problem basically non-existent . In contrast , the mapping of light and the reflected light has become a problem of the LCD monitor . When a fluorescent lamp or a person's face , etc. mapped to the screen, increases the difficulty of reading the picture , the muscle activity than normal , can be said that this causes the fatigue of eyes .

In addition, the LCD monitor to the recent development of high brightness and high contrast . This is despite the favorable color display , but also easier for the eye fatigue.

Therefore , the use of the LCD monitor is working to try to find a way to avoid eyestrain.

Adjust the brightness , contrast and color

Adjust the screen contrast and brightness. However, if a long time to monitor the work of ordinary words , appropriate to reduce the contrast and brightness can reduce eyestrain.

graphic lcd modules with brightness and contrast adjustment , tilt up and down about bias and other functions. Try to use these features to adjust the brightness and contrast. But the brightness and contrast is too low , then more likely to cause eye fatigue , so try several times transferred for their own state.

As regards the adjustment method , refer to the manual of each monitor .

In addition, through the Windows screen settings , you can also change the window 's color scheme . Select Control Panel [ show ] , then click [ Appearance ] [ Detailed Settings ] , you can replace the color scheme of their own preferences .

In the initial setup, the white background of the window is too strong , put it into a cream-colored or pale green will have a good effect . In the [ Advanced ] , select [ Window ] through [ color 1 ] replaced favorite color .

According to different software , and sometimes even do the above changes , the window color to change, however . In such software menu has a separate large window background setting command , please help to confirm.

Mounting the screen Shibao Ping

To reduce screen reflection and through mapping to avoid eye fatigue , the most effective way is to install on the screen Shibao Ping .

Transmittance is the ratio of the light transmitting Shibao Ping . The smaller the value, the more concentrated the color indicates Shibao Ping . During image processing operations with more photos , you need as close to natural colors , so choose products with high transmittance values ( 80 to 90% ) . But usually people think the best choice for screen glare products with low transmittance ( 50 ~ 70% ) .