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Natural garnet abrasive sand has the following advantages compared to
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garnet abrasivesand, at a certain pressure, can be a lot faster with a sharp
Angular impact surface, so is seen as a very fast way of jet mill.Particles in the gas stream and the acceleration and speed of the inertia effect of particle size generated.The smaller the particles, the more easily accelerated, thus to produce a higher impact force blows
The surface, resulting in a very high cleaning speed twice as fast than other conventional abrasives.

How about the market prospects of silicon carbide
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Used in traditional industries, such asSic Refractory, silicon carbide ceramics, Carborundum Abrasives , etc., there is not much volatility. But the industry matures, the profit is relatively small, relatively stable.
But black silicon carbide powder - mainly used in solar wafer cutting is certainly not optimistic about the market outlook. The next few years will be even more optimistic. Recycled sand gradually increased the proportion of applications, diamond steel wire gradually being accepted SiC export licenses market confusion will result in an annual decline in domestic and international market demand, the current situation is also true.

Electrolysis preparation of electrodeposited metal oxide elemental metal, metal oxide in the molten state to do?
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The sequence of the metal activity, potassium, sodium, calcium, pink fused aluminium oxide and other types of strong reduction of the metal, these metals are likely to lose electrons, so can not use a general method and a reducing agent to restore them from the compound, and which is powered only with the molten salt or oxide decomposition method to smelting.

Chemical properties of aluminum is it?
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Aluminum is an active metal, in dry air to form a dense Alumina Oxide film surface immediately, no further oxidation of the aluminum and the ability of water; butbrown fused aluminium oxidepowder and air mixture is highly flammable; molten aluminum reacts violently with water; temperature under many metal oxides can reduced to the corresponding metals;pink fused aluminium oxideis bisexual, easily soluble in alkali, but also can be dissolved in acid.
Active metal oxides are strong electrolytes do
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Analyzing the electrolyte based on the "molten state or in solution can be ionized ionic compound of the electrolyte is called" active metal oxides in accordance with all the ionization in the molten state, it is a strong electrolyte such as MgO, Al2O3 (this classic enough, because the industrial Built of pink fused aluminium oxide electrolysis of molten brown fused aluminium oxide only)
Preparation of aluminum hydroxide
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An excess of sodium hydroxide, then too alkaline,Aluminium hydroxide content in it will generate sodium aluminate, bad master usage.
As for why it will not generate partial alkali aluminosilicate it?
This is due to stability problems, partial radicalbrown fused aluminium oxidealkaline environment only in the presence of a strong, if not stronger alkaline, the inside of the relatively high concentration of hydrogen ions (Kw = 10 ^ (-14) = c (OH) c (H)),
It also has a volume meter equilibrium, H + + AlO2-+ H2O - Al (OH) 3, which has a Ksp = [H] [AlO2-], Ksp is just generate Al (OH) 3 and partial of hydrogen ions aluminum radical concentration of the product, so the concentration of [H] will generate a big aluminum hydroxide, so in strong alkaline conditions will generate partial aluminum radical