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Felt Charm
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Blankets made of natural wool , wool industrial felt use features machined bonded ( non- interweave ) . Main features are as follows : elastic and can be used as shock , seals , gaskets and spring steel needle industrial felt cloth at the end of the material . Good adhesion , easy to loose , can be die-cut into various shapes of parts. Good insulation properties , can be used as thermal insulation materials . Organizations , small pores , can be used as a good filter material . Better wear resistance , can be used as cast polished material . Flexible, therefore, the principle fulling bonded . The density of the bonded fulling size , different specifications can be used separately . Because the density of compact industrial felt more stable performance can produce a variety of blankets stamping parts. Felt stretching line is better , you can achieve the required length of term rolling leather belt, papermaking slurry suction belt. Felt warm and good, specifications can be made of industrial felt insoles.industrial felt has moisturizing properties and can be made flexible car doors and windows sealed , central door and window seals . It is not used by the woven so good filtration can be used for oil, ship oil drums underneath mostly using blankets to keep the boat clean. industrial felt packing machine parts with high white , shockproof performance silencer , according to the size of blankets instrument sounds can be modulated rate .
Wool felt ingredients
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Mainly made of wool, wool production methods - screening (the wool leather head singled out) - On Mao (the purchase of wool to open) - Mention the net (extract impurities) - carbonation - bake dried or dry - carding (after carding machine processing) - lapper (the wool paved mesh) - rubbing blank (by rubbing blank tablet) - pound industrial felt (felt made of rough hardness) - fulling (felt density treatments) - squeeze industrial felt (felt by the pressure industrial felt machine to handle flat) - pound felt (secondary treatment blankets density and cross force) - bleach (the chroma adjusted to customer requirements blankets usually 6 hours) - drying - quality - dry - heat setting - moth treatment - industrial felt bricks or felt pad - industrial felt strips blankets products - quality - storage.

Burning structure of how to do carbon filter
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L composite sintered activated carbon filter cartridge series uses advanced high-temperature sintering process instead of the existing screw extrusion molding process , high quality coconut shell activated carbon as raw materials , the choice of a variety of highly absorbent composite materials , in addition to having the filter strong bleaching , to smell functions, but also for the water to remove impurities personalized with dirt holding capacity, fast adsorption , filtration accuracy. One liter sintered activated carbon filter cartridge technical characteristics and product advantages : 1 , high performance : mining of high -quality powdered activated carbon and a variety of special formula , through the unique manufacturing process of high-temperature calcination and deep filtering effect , so that the formation of micro- pore filter , pore tortuous , greatly extending the water contact time with the activated carbon , efficient filter color, odor , heavy metals and carcinogens such as trihalomethanes and can strongly inhibit bacterial growth. 2, super absorption : bonding material powder may take advantage of the characteristics of pore activated carbon , high adsorption capacity , at high temperature , the natural activation of forming an adhesive surface due to carbon inclusions prevent and reduce its absorption features , adds to maximize adsorption specific surface area and adsorption speed. Ordinary activated carbon adsorption capacity is the number of times . 3 , safe and reliable : Filter calcination after molding , high structural strength, will not change the type of carbon filter cartridge holes , loose, use the " power traction " and " hydrostatic equilibrium" and other physical effects , does not occur due to the emergence of subtle black toner leakage water phenomenon , the carbon filter cartridge can withstand up to 10 kg of pressure to ensure the purity of water and safety , taste delicious glycol .

The new carbon filter placed over time, the role will be lapsed or reduce it
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carbon filter cartridge is unlikely to fall, but the reduction is absolute. A small point after the commencement of activated carbon have a large surface area, and as such, has a strong adsorption of activated carbon. When the activated carbon carbon filter cartridge placed after a long time, they will be adsorbed substances such as dust in the air, making the surface area becomes smaller, so that the adsorption capacity decreases. Of course, these use or can be used, but the effect is not as good as before. Packed with aluminum foil, aluminum foil will prevent the activated carbon adsorption, if the package is good, activated carbon adsorption capacity and had not any difference, if a little leak, it does not matter, you can still use. With airtight plastic bag wrapped carbon filter cartridge collection activity will be reduced even if it will not be too great. Outside of the package and then wrapped in plastic foil layers, which the activated carbon core would not be affected too much outside influence.

What is the water after filter
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Rear industrial water filters is indispensable for pipeline transmission medium, a device, usually installed in the valve, pressure relief valve, water valve or other device the import side, used to remove impurities in the medium, in order to protect the valve and equipment in normal use. When the fluid is set into the filter cartridge has a certain size, its impurities are blocked, and clean filtrate from the filter outlet, when you need cleaning, simply remove the removable cartridge, ie reload after treatment can, therefore, maintenance is very convenient. Asymmetric filter is a simple sewage treatment process, because AFF asymmetric fiber filter has a fabric filter particulate filter and the advantages of filtering, a larger proportion of the solid core of the fiber tow played a role like compaction but each can use the corresponding ion-exchange resin depends on how much content, the less water there is no need of it such that I could do in the past three resins starting a fluorine resin.
What food filter bag filter material is better
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A variety of industrial filter bags , industrial filter bags, chemical grade filter bags, food grade filter bags, micron filter bags, nylon filter bags, filter presses filter bags, filter cloth, centrifuge filter bags, oil filter bags, oil filter bags, filter bags, etc. electrophoresis. . . . Food misplaced bags commonly used materials are PE, PP, nylon, etc., PE and PP filter bag filter bag materials, except that the chemical compatibility: Filter Bag Material polyester (PE) polypropylene (PP) Nylon (MO) polyaryl amide (RY) polytetrafluoroethylene (PTEE) acid good Very good Excellent Poor Average good very Good very Good weak general good very good very good very good alkali poor weak base very good very good very good very good good bad good very good solvent good reactive oxidants good Poor Average Good abrasion resistance good Excellent good Fair Poor.
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