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Specialty choice drums truck
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In addition to standard forklift, there are special containers for container operations forklift, container forklift operation points into the box (2 ~ 5t), stacking empty container forklift (7 ~ 10t) and a full tank truck loading and unloading containers (20 ~ 42t) , container operations the user can choose the working conditions. Handling flammable materials or in explosive gas environments job, use explosion-proof truck. Explosion-proof forklift truck is divided into internal combustion forklifts and battery explosion, interior jobs generally used forklift battery explosion, outdoor work, you can use the internal combustion explosion-proof forklift. In addition, for the wild uneven pavement or sparsely soft road operations, can be used off-road truck.
8 Select the brand
At present the domestic market forklift brands, from domestic to imported dozens.
Domestic brands: force, Hangzhou, Dalian, whales, Hunan, forklifts, Tailift, Jingjiang, Liugong, good power, Jingjiang Baoli, Tianjin forklift, Luoyang, a drag, the force Heavy Industries, Yuchai forklifts, Hefei move ETS Hunan Heng ability.
Imported brands: Linde (Germany), Hester (USA), Toyota (Japan), Jungheinrich (Germany), BT (Sweden), Komatsu (Japan), TCM (Japan), power to the superior (Japan), Nissan (Japan), Hyundai (South Korea), Doosan Daewoo (Korea), Crown (USA), OM (Italy), OPK (Japan), Nissan (Japan), Mitsubishi (Japan) and so on.
Initially identified as the first few brands to consider the scope, and then comprehensive assessment. In the primary stage, generally the following aspects as the primary criteria:
1, product quality and brand reputation;
2, the brand's after-sales support capabilities, whether in business or near the location of service outlets;
3, the company has with the brand's product quality and service;
4, the choice of brand positioning needs to be consistent with the enterprise.
After the primaries is completed, a comprehensive assessment of each brand including brand, product quality, price and service capabilities.
Many enterprises in the choice of brands, there is a certain misunderstanding: If forklifts are imported brands, the quality is about the same, the price should be close. In fact, this is a common-sense errors, just like cars, imported brands of cars a lot, the price gap between different brands is very large, and of course there are differences in performance. In addition, the forklift is an industrial equipment, the maximum guarantee the normal operation of the enterprise goals, downtime means loss. So choose a service guaranteed brand is crucial. China's truck market is very large, so it attracts a lot of foreign brands forklift suppliers, but China's vast territory, in order to establish a nationwide network of professional services, there is no certain amount of time is difficult to achieve.

Five full electric pallet truck AC stepless
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Five full electric pallet truck AC stepless
New Products
Saving more than 30%
Brushless motor, maintenance-free
Power consumption, working hours, more money
Quiet, secure, safe, and durable.
Streamline arc body, nice
All cars using the most advanced lead-free PU paint, rust-resistant and durable
Suspended spindle, walking steadily
Tian Chuan font or font pallets are applicable
Another minus 35 ℃ freezer and clean style special stainless steel models for optional
Pedal away, the walking speed by half, to ensure the safety of personnel
LED LCD imports gauge
Driving speed according habits operator to make adjustments