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solar water heater
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Solar water heaters and many other home appliances category . The state policy intensive release one month before the expiry of many types of energy-saving projects that benefit the enterprise directory , significantly increasing the market expectations of policy continuity . Should the policy continuity will have a more positive impact on the consumer electronics market .
In the four major appliances , due to China's air industry is still in the development stage , especially in the rural market holdings is low, the future has great upside. The town market penetration is higher, in recent years, is in the replacement period , so the air conditioning industry will benefit from a greater degree of state policy . From last June started a new version of air conditioning energy subsidy policy, Sept. policy effect gradually , industry sales improved significantly. Especially into the traditional sales season , the air conditioner market boom of the rise. According to all the major cities in large chain store sales data , air conditioning consumers to buy the highest rate category .

energy-efficient distribution transformers
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saving products Huimin project directory energy efficient room air conditioners , flat-panel TVs , household refrigerators , electric washing machines , household water heaters ( gas , solar, air heat pump ) five types of energy-saving appliances and energy-efficient vehicles, efficient motors , efficient lighting product ( hereinafter referred to as energy-saving products ) production enterprises and sales enterprises. And the inclusion of energy-saving products projects that benefit the promotion of energy efficient directory displacement air compressor, high efficiency fan , energy efficient distribution transformers and four industrial products and selling enterprises , purchase and install the units or enterprises.
Producers is to ensure that information is true and accurate to promote energy-saving products the main responsibility . Production enterprises should strictly abide by the relevant regulations saving products , product energy efficiency rating and labeling consistency responsible ; production enterprises to cope with their own production and marketing chain to strengthen the management and control, in conjunction with the sale of enterprises to promote energy-saving products reported true and reliable information sexual responsibility ; production enterprises should develop practical control programs , the use of product information management system, strengthen its dealer sales information at all levels of management, sales enterprises should strictly check every sale information to ensure product promotion escalation information and consumer information is true, accurate , to be investigated .
Truly reflect the industry boom
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New energy efficiency standards have been finalized and entered the approval phase completed , will be June 1 officially implemented. This means that some inefficient air conditioning products will be completely eliminated, the air conditioning industry will accelerate the pace of adjustment . By then, the adjustment of product structure in place, technology, scale , channels and other aspects will be more competitive enterprises to benefit from policy dividends.
Based around the "51" end-market sales data shows household appliances , home appliance sales market showing a hot trend, especially in air-conditioned white goods sales performance , especially eye-catching. In some areas such as Henan , Hubei and other places more than 50% growth rate . Air conditioning industry sales in the second quarter may exceed market expectations. The first quarter of this year, the air conditioning industry sales slightly below market expectations. Data show that from January to March , the industry shipments cumulative growth of 5%. However, due to a quarter of annual sales volume accounted for only 20% of the industry as a whole can not fully represent economic level , and truly reflect the industry boom depends on two quarters of sales.