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Hammer crusher perfect design and wide range of uses introduction
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Hammer crusher is one of the first invention , because of its simple structure principle is very simple definition is to come in stone with a hammer pounding on the line and then crushing process. Because of its very large crushing ratio can crush 2.5cm to 180cm diameter ranging from materials can be adapted , they were widely used in the limestone, coal, cement , gravel , metallurgy and other industries in the hardness of the material , because of its strong and crushing capacity sought after by customers .

Hammer crusher has a significant effect, when it is used for crushing medium hardness and brittle materials , the compressive strength less than 150 MPa and calcium content higher than 40 % of the material . Hammer crusher is usually used for the following ore material used to crush limestone, coal, salt , gypsum, alum, brick, tile, gangue . Kefan Henan mining equipment is the most professional manufacturer of hammer broken . Liner, seed coating machine and other wear-resistant parts of the equipment have been carried out special process design and processing , which can greatly improve the life of the equipment .

Crusher machine at the moment the case of an increasingly competitive , many manufacturers also constant innovation and improvement of existing crushing equipment , in order to reduce product cost and sales prices , some manufacturers use is reduced at all costs the cost of steel using inferior steel . So when you choose crusher equipment , in the selection process you must be careful . Perfect performance crushing equipment that can give you a huge productivity improvement.

Flour processing equipment of flour processing capacity
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Flour processing equipment is a large flour processing machinery and equipment, and pneumatic conveyors and small flour mill flour comparison, it is very high processing capacity of a device .
Flour processing equipment that it could occupy the entire plant , and its processing capacity can imagine how much .
Its processing capacity is not only super , and the processing of flour are also diverse , with special flour , flour , and whole wheat flour .
Whether wheat screening , cleaning, impurities, flour processing equipment are all fully automated operation, only computer controlled , without manual operation, a place of wheat, on the other side out of the white flour. Very convenient, this is it causes high processing efficiency .
Conveyor trends in machinery manufacturing
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Machinery manufacturing industry , due to mass production, processing procedures on the good parts transferred to the next process needs to continue processing , many enterprises to adopt methods such as carts or pallet flow , thus requires a lot of manpower for handling work, not only to increase costs , but also reduces the work efficiency, as all enterprises need to change things .

To address this problem, we according to customer requirements for a valid attempt and successful adoption of different types of transportation equipment to effectively solve parts of the production process flow processes , reduce manual handling , improve work efficiency.

Parts needed in the production process production equipment from different transfer between devices separated by two to five meters , we have the parts according to flow between the various processes required , using the chain plate machine , roller mesh belt machines, belt conveyor, gravity separator four kinds of transport models , so that the shape of the spherical shell in different parts of the processing equipment circulation, effectively solve the problem of human handling . In particular chain plate chain plate machine is based on an inverted spherical shell parts design characteristics of a special chain plate, and applying photoelectric control methods to ensure transfer of parts from the front to the rear of procedures for safe and reliable procedure .

With economic development, human resource costs continue to increase , the use of transportation equipment to resolve the parts in the processing equipment in circulation is a trend. Therefore, you must continue to improve manufacturing systems, continue to use transportation equipment manufacturing system makes running at its best , to obtain efficiency , maximize efficiency , improve human, machine , material utilization, enhance core competitiveness of enterprises .

Bucket elevator overhaul Safety Precautions
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1 bucket elevator overhaul before the surrender procedures must be strictly handled equipment , including cutting off the power , cleaning materials , hanging warning signs and so on.
Hopper in the repair should take precautions against the traction components declining due to weight and measure.
(2) non-return device must be unloaded when removing the material inside the hopper , in the repair process is to prohibit the removal of non-return device must be removed only after removal of the traction member , and install just the opposite.
3 grain roller mill or full root replacement traction components should be in the lower part of the view port , while the center of gravity to make the traction components play a role in the anti-kickback device side .
4 overhaul must be done on the signal transduction work under strictly prohibited workers, so as to avoid wounding appliances fall , hurt things ; Also, maintenance personnel working in the bottom of the device to have someone care to avoid any danger .

Flour machine composition
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Flour machine generally consists of dust collector and sifting two parts, namely, grinding and Yuan Luo .
Grinding works
Portions of flour with a tapered roller teeth two involved the diminishing food grinding mouth produces extrusion, because two roller speed is not the same speed , so that grain grinding force arising broken into powder , crushed into a powder grain flow sieve processing section - Yuan Luo .
Yuan Luo works
Mixing fan is rotatably thrown silk screen inflows come forward to make the mouth , to the back of slag taphole . Further processing, so in cycles , can achieve any desired flour yield .

Bucket elevator Features
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1 drive power is small , the use -feed into the induction discharge , large capacity hopper intensive layout . Increase in materials almost no feed back and dug material phenomenon , so less power is invalid .
(2) to enhance a wide range of these types of materials hoist , less demand , not only can enhance the general powdery, granular materials , but also enhance the larger abrasive materials . Tightness, less environmental pollution .
3 Run the reliability , advanced design principles and processing methods to ensure the reliability of corn milling machine operation , no down time more than 20,000 hours . Lifting height is high. Hoist running smoothly , so you can upgrade to a higher level.
4 long life, take inflow feeding hoist type, without using bucket excavating , squeezed between the materials and collision phenomenon rarely occurs . The machine was designed to ensure that the feed material , unloading few scattered , reducing mechanical wear.
Bucket elevator conveyor working principle is: the material from the hopper to scoop up the following storage medium , with conveyor belts or chains upgraded to the top , flip down after bypassing the top wheel , bucket elevator material is poured into the receiving groove inside . Belt bucket elevator drive transmission belt generally use rubber band attached to the lower or above the upper and lower drive roller and the idler pulley . Chain bucket elevator drive with two generally parallel transmission chain, or following a pair of drive sprocket , under or on top of a pair of headed sprocket . Bucket elevators are generally equipped with chassis, in order to prevent the bucket elevator in dust.