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Ribbon is good or bad way to identify
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Ribbon is good or bad way to identify
Our factory is webbing, rope making , child car seat straps weaving a professional manufacturer , mainly produces various specifications plain ribbon , herringbone tape, backpack , lace and all kinds of round rope , flat rope, polyester fabric, clothing , footwear , bags and labor supplies major manufacturers supporting enterprises . Xiaobian to introduce you to identify the quality of webbing approach:
1, Component testing: this can be observed with the naked eye to see its color , texture tape needle edge , not messy , it should be very pure color.
2 , flash : flash is usually some yarn , this also may be observed with the naked eye , weaving and sewing both sides can not have a serious pompons and wool yarn .
3 , Jumper : This can be observed by the naked eye , the webbing can not have jumpers .
4 , was kind enough to affirm their quality webbing webbing specifications related to the quality standard specification is the best embodiment of webbing .
The factory has 20 years of production experience and advanced webbing , rope equipment, quality first, honesty of purpose , welcome new and old customers to negotiate business and cooperate .
Webbing main raw material
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Webbing main raw material
Webbing main raw material.
fall arrest equipment raw material: Nylon called nylon, nylon webbing mainly by bright nylon yarn, nylon shaped bright silk, high elastic nylon yarn, nylon semi-dull silk and other materials compiled through the weaving machine. The texture can be divided into flat pattern, herringbone, jacquard texture, satin, rib, plaid pattern, dots pattern, etc., currently on the market are cited in nylon webbing webbing relatively high.
Described above is the main raw material webbing, I hope for your help. Looking back, although we made some honors and achievements, but we never dared to this home pride, because results can only represent the past. Now, the company under the leadership of all the leadership, forge ahead, innovation, and strive to build the industry's best brands.

Safety buckle claims
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fall arrest systems buckle claims
1 A seat belt buckle comprising: a body frame; a release button slidably coupled to the body frame for a seat

belt tongue from the seat belt buckle release; a locking lever that can wing pivoting about a predetermined

angle; a slider for supporting and fixing the locking lever;, and a catapult for the longitudinal direction

of the body frame along a longitudinal direction of the pressing tongue; body frame having an arched

supporting beam , in such a manner that the support beam is formed integrally with the body frame, i.e., the

support beams stand in the vertical direction, the support beam for limiting the movement of the slider and

increase structural rigidity of the seat belt buckle; the slider is wider than the body frame width, and has

a shock absorbing means for increasing durability of the fall arrest systems buckle, the slider is formed with inclined

projections; and the release button having at least two release projections, the projections are formed on

the inclined surface, the inclined sub-surface tilt turn and slip raised contact.

Ordinary cars can be mounted four-point seat belts do
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Ordinary cars can be mounted four-point seat belts do
Factory is equipped with three-point seat belts although able to provide most of the security, but the longer

the distance tightening for large concave steering wheel modified car owners, but it is not enough,

especially in the major impact, the three-point seat belts also too late to pull the front of the body when

the effort tract , chest might have hit the steering wheel, the car seat is installed it is recommended that

owners who may wish to spend a little money to install four-point seat belts , not only to provide more

adequate protection, but also enhance the many car performance atmosphere.
Four-point seat belts , whether products have a certain level of the importing country , fans may wish to

consider itself the economic ability to select the appropriate product installation.
The tools they need , there are 12, 14 , No. sleeve and wrench .
Rear seat belts for the purchase of two o'clock quick release style , retaining rear ride function, so the

first step required to install the first two body straps from the car seat rear seatback reserved through its

hole .
After passing through the body remember to make sure the strap around location is correct , if correct, then

the body will be fixed to bring the words of the brand toward the front , and vice versa indicates installed

wrong , need to re- install .
After adjusting waist strap mounting sufficient length , the same need to confirm the correct angle of the

seat belt .
Buy seatbelt design is specifically designed for vehicle design competition , and therefore adopt a fixed

part of the quick release buckle design, easy installation technician drill holes , but such is not only

inadequate screw length , size is not compatible with the original screw holes , had to follow factory direct

screw lock quick release hole.
First, the location for the original installation screw fixing screw hole on the belt .
Previously been installed by the car B-pillar rod, coupled with the need to retain the original seat belt

function to facilitate police rummage , fall arrest systems so had to order the original seat belt buckle , B pillar rod mounting

holes and four-point safety buckle ring locked.
The second position in the car seat installation screws on the rear right , just remove the screws , and put

on the seat belt buckle , and then lock the screw.
Then remove the rear seat , rear seat is basically a fixed latch design approach is adopted , fumble before

demolition or ask a friend , can usually be easily removed .
Remove the rear seat belts can see the original screws , while the remaining two mounting position in these

Since the original rear seat belts smaller diameter screws washers , easily fixed four-point seat belt buckle

, installation recommendations on the screws set into the larger diameter washers, better able to ensure the

robustness of buckles .
After confirming the correct angle of the seat belt after the finish , and then locked in the factory belt

buckles eleven mounting holes on top.
Then after replacing the back seat , make sure not affect the role of the back seat passenger space and seat

belts , the seat belt can begin to adjust four correct length .
Complete ! After adjusting the length of the belt , and to do strength tests no problem fixed mode , you

complete the installation, so in the capture of mountain , the more can be worry-free self ultimate challenge

162、Ribbon Introduction
Yarn as raw material in a variety of narrow-web-like fabric or tubular fabric. With a wide variety of fabrics

are widely used in clothing, shoes, fall arrest systems bags, industrial, agricultural, military, transportation and other

sectors. 1930s, webbing webbing exquisite pictures are hand workshop production, raw materials for cotton,

twine. After the founding of New China, the progressive development of materials used webbing nylon,

polyvinyl alcohol, polyester, polypropylene, spandex, rayon, etc., forming weaving, braiding, knitting three

categories of technology, fabric structure with plain, twill, satin, jacquard, double, multilayer, tubular

and joint tissue.
Ribbon classification
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Ribbon classification
1 ) Material: Nylon / Polyester / PP polypropylene / acrylic / cotton / polyester / silver onions / spandex /

light silk / rayon ; nylon and PP Ribbon distinction : General nylon webbing is first dyed after weaving , so

after the cut yarn color due to uneven dyeing the yarn will be pan- white color , while the PP webbing is

first due to re- weave yarn dyed , so there will be no white yarn into the phenomenon ; contrast than the PP

webbing nylon webbing shiny and soft ; By burning chemical reaction can also be distinguished ; generally

priced higher than PP webbing nylon webbing . Webbing relatively soft and dull . Acrylic webbing and cotton

by the Tetoron two materials composition. Cotton belt price is generally higher .
2 ) by way of weaving : plain , twill , satin and Mottled three categories. ( Plain / small ripple / twill /

safety webbing / grooves / bead pattern / jacquard webbing PP yarn thickness can be classified according to

their 900D/1200D/1600D; same time, we should pay attention to the thickness of the webbing thickness also

determines its price and tough degrees . )
3 ) Press the width specifications of : 10MM/12MM/15MM/20MM/25MM/30MM/32MM/38MM/50MM so on.
4 ) Press the nature of the use of : clothing webbing , shoe type webbing , luggage webbing, safety class

webbing, ribbon and other other special classes .
5 ) Ribbon their own characteristics points : elastic webbing and rigid webbing ( non-elastic webbing )

6 ) Process points : mainly woven and fall arrest equipment knitted belt with two categories. Webbing , especially jacquard

webbing, and the standard cloth craft somewhat similar, but the standard cloth warp fixed by the weft

expression pattern ; while webbing basic weft is fixed by the warp expression pattern , using a small machine

, each making, production threading and adjust the machine may have to take a long time , and the efficiency

is relatively low . But you can create a wide range of dazzling products, not as the standard cloth as always

that a few faces. Webbing main function is decorative , there are functional . Such as the popular mobile

phone strap and so on. Woven tape came out, you can also screen a variety of text / pattern , generally

higher than woven directly into text pattern will be cheaper . Divided into non-woven fabrics with a woven

belt and belt two categories. Currently on the market compared with non-woven fabrics with use more common.

7 ) Press the Features Category:

A / elastic band : Crochet band / clip worked loose tight band / twill band / towel elastic band / elastic

band New Door / Lycra band / non-slip elastic band / mentioning the word jacquard elastic band

B / rope types: round elastic rope / needle pass , PP, Ditan , acrylic , cotton , hemp , etc.

C / knit band : As the special structure refers to horizontal ( Victoria to ) elastic , knitted belt is

mainly used for piping

D / letter with : polypropylene material , mentioning the word letters, bilateral letter , mentioning the

letters round rope , etc.

E / herringbone tape : transparent straps , Ribbon , cable

F / luggage webbing : PP belt, nylon webbing , cotton belt , artificial silk ribbon , acrylic webbing ,

jacquard webbing

G / velvet ribbon : elastic velvet ribbon , fleece band

H / variety of cotton lace , lace

T / velvet ribbon : velvet material with the use of velvet , ribbon adorned with a thin layer of hair

M / printing belt : the belt above tailored to a variety of patterns.
Webbing applications
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Webbing applications

Outdoor Activities: hiking camping protective child car seat straps, climbing backpack, tents, personal protective equipment.

Physical fitness industry: sports bags, fitness equipment, children's leash.

Pet supplies industry: pet leashes, pet collars, pet strap. ,

Military and security industry: Police fire, parachute harness. Bags: bags, handbags, luggage belt.

Handicraft Industry: Camera / MP3/MP4/U plate straps, documents listed straps, keychain webbing and so on.

Clothing Industry: Watches ribbon, wrist bands, clothing decorative accessories, belts.

Industrial Automotive: Automotive belts, industrial lifting.
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