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The development of riding
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kids fun bikestarted in Europe, but American invention of mountain bike is a traditional bicycle concept, will be a fresh air blowing through the world
Mountain bike is designed specifically for off-road (hills, path, plains and sand gravel road, etc.) and design of the bicycle, walking in 1977 was born in the west bank of San Francisco. At that time, a group of keen on a beach bicycle of young people having fun on the hillside, abrupt fantasy: "if I can ride a bicycle dashed down from the mountain, must be very interesting." So start cross-country kids bicycledesign and manufacture. Is officially named the mountain car in two years. From then on, "downhill competition" as a new project, still in the sports games. Athletes on a mountain bike along the downhill stretch high speed glide, speed KuaiZhe for wins, attracted numerous fans. Climbing the mountain bike competition will be divided into three projects: XiaPoSai (DownhillEvent) and double bend (DualSlalom) and ski racing project is very similar with the same --, the former is driver points don't slide down a hill and then calculate the shortest time win a phased. The latter is one of the two drivers in two parallel downhill path with glide, when in Z type driving while leap slope, the first arrivals for the victory of the season. As for motocross (Cross - Country) as the name suggests is under the environment of the wild nature, race between usually at about 16 ~ 24 km, which is no less than a quarter of the track without any manual repair. All game tips are just right along the established orbit, avoid walking to success.
Experts advise: bicycle exercise wants moderate. Only pay attention to is not enough to ride a bicycle ride, ride a bike in the resistance to keep your good figure. amusement ridesa bike at least 30 minutes every time, but not more than 60 minutes. Ride the upper part of the body to relax, to avoid cause shoulder and neck pain; Ride don't put the body pressure too low, otherwise it will limit the abdominal breathing.

Ride the suffering and joy
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amusement ridesthe fun of travel is not the driving, we can substitute, meet friends, friends, on the way to stay, or a nap in the forest, or historic sites, relaxed and leisurely, joy. People who have been to yangshuo to impress this kids fun biketrip to heaven. Bicycle has become a part of yangshuo west street scenery, even there is all kinds of bicycle street on both sides, the rent by 5 ~ 10 yuan, rent a car for her car, ride can set off. Can go flat broad road can go narrow winding path, different routes have different scenery, different feelings. Cycling outing is the test of willpower to people, I have several times to see in a bike cycling uniform travel enthusiasts in the road, sometimes before and after the team can only a few kilometers apart, laggard without indomitable willpower is difficult to stick. A travel agency's boss talked about his last tour a tour to jiuzhaigou valley on the way, he saw a team made up of the old man ride, hard to ride on the road, sometimes the slope is too steep, old people can only walk down and pushing his visitors are surprised the old people and the car is how to overcome difficulties and obstacles, leng from chengdu to jiuzhaigou riding. You know, this section of the road is dangerous enough to drive the car, let a person have to admire the old people indomitable willpower.

In the playground
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The scenery of theoutdoor playgrounds: teachers just everybody doing the high jump, tug-of-war game, so the children know these two words? Teachers, in turn, show me your words (if there are individual students already know, then ask him to tell me about yourself how knowledge, guide the other children to learn from him), and the students guess read, read with the teacher, named reading, students several students in a group of partners from their own small card, find the word up in turn to find all right, don't make any noise, using their own small eyes see, see who is the most intelligent, from already the word trying to remember, gave birth to see teachers take small ball, think how the ball can play? To find a friend to do shoot the ball game, learning words "shoot the ball," with the teacher do the action while reading, group work to find the card again to find a way to remember words.

How to improve children's artistic expression by the fairy tale
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Into the school gate, show in front of is a sculpture, carving a moon and stars, the moon also stood a young pioneers. Under the sculpture had also took two words written on the marble, young pioneers stamped on the dream of sailing, hand holding a dream, symbol we are on the verge of flying dream!!!!! Beside the marble flowerpot planted many string, from a distance, like a flame red, it is the embodiment of our passion of learning. Bypass slope, came to especially popular Windows, window with some beautiful calligraphy and painting, are our classmate's work. To turn over to the school gym, also called rain playground. Students in summer and winter rain playground in physical education classes, away from heat and cold, let the combination of movement and comfort. From the wind and rain playground in the past, is the rostrum, the podium in the middle of the flagpole hung a red flag with five stars. In the morning, the red flag rising from here, in the evening, the red flag with the beautiful sunset rippled in the fall. Podium cant Angle is under the bed, is like a huge spread in the above the green blanket, approached a look, just know is a flower bed, go down the stairs from the flower bed, is a big playground. Originally the grass on the playground, the spring, the grass sprout, green grass really cute, swaying in the spring breeze, waving its tiny body. In the summer, the grass long more exuberant, green, as if wearing a green cloak to the playground. The outdoor playgroundsis now replaced by plastic playground, is composed of red and green. Red represents passion, green represents hope, hope, with passion we play sing the most beautiful in the future. The plastic playground brought convenient to students' activities. Go up the stairs again, is the classroom. Early in the morning in the classroom from lang lang to home, national music, heard sounds beautiful singing in the classroom. These voices represent the students seeking knowledge desire, represents the hope of the motherland in the future.

Seated biceps trainers
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Theplayground equipmentcan know from its name, is dedicated to the biceps exercise machines. The instrument consists of benches and A sponge frame. The basic practice is: sitting on stool, two upper arm depend on the outside of A shape sponge frame, two holding A dumbbell or crank barbell; And then raise the forearm curved upward force to the biceps contraction in full, then slowly outstretched arms reduction.

playground equipment- spring cable machine and two kinds of adhesive tape cable machine, is mainly used to developed chest, back and arm muscles. Spring cable machine is composed of 4 or 6 root spring, more ends with a handle. When exercise, can according to their own power to increase or decrease the number of spring. It is economical and practical, easy to use, do not take a place, is the ideal of home fitness equipment. Made from rubber tape cable machine. Among its ends for shaking hands, even with flat or round bar (commonly known as article rubber) tape, according to the elastic tape to determine the size of the tension. This kind of tubing is homemade, more commonly used car inner tubes do substitution.