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Solar term door behind not only reflects the degree of vacuum and reflects the absolute pressure
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Solar term door behind not only reflects the degree of vacuum and reflects the absolute pressure, so some people think that the vacuum degree and absolute pressure is a concept, in fact this is a one-sided understanding. At atmospheric pressure under the same conditions (standard atmospheric pressure is 101.3kPa), manifold vacuum degree higher, reflecting lower absolute pressure in the manifold, vacuum degree equal to the atmospheric pressure in the manifold absolute Crankshaft Positioning Sensorminus the difference value. While the absolute pressure in the manifold is higher, the lower the degree of vacuum in the manifold, manifold absolute pressure equal to the external atmospheric pressure minus the manifold vacuum degree difference. Atmospheric pressure is equal to the vacuum degree and the absolute pressure and. Understanding the relationship between the atmospheric pressure, vacuum degree, absolute pressure, the output characteristics of the inlet pressure Crankshaft Position Sensor is clear. Engine work, solar term door opening is small, the intake manifold vacuum degree is high, the absolute pressure in the manifold is smaller, the output signal voltage is smaller. Solar term door opening is bigger, the intake manifold vacuum degree is small, the absolute pressure in the manifold is larger, the output signal voltage is greater. Size is inversely proportional to the output signal voltage and vacuum manifold (negative characteristic), and manifold absolute pressure is proportional to the size of the (performance).
The output characteristics of the inlet pressure of the pressure sensor
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The output characteristics of the inlet pressure pressure sensor: EFI engine with intake air pressure sensor to detect the intake air quantity called type D injection system (speed density model). Detection of the intake pressure Cooling Temp Sensor air intake than the intake flow Crankshaft Sensor Replacement that detected directly, instead of using indirect detection, and it is affected by many factors, so the detection and repair have many different from the weight Car Temperature Sensor intake flow pressure sensor fault generated by the price place, also has its particularity. When the engine works, along with the solar term door opening changes, the intake manifold vacuum, absolute pressure and output signal characteristics curves are in change. But the relationship between them is how to change? The output characteristic curve is positive or negative? This question is often not easy to be understood, so that some maintenance personnel have a "not sure" feeling at work. D type injection system is to detect the absolute pressure of the intake manifold, solar term door rear.
Considering the humidity sensor drift and Wen Piao
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Almost all of the existing sensor drift and temperature drift. Because of the Camshaft Sensors

must be and the atmospheric water vapor phase contact, so can not be sealed. This determines

the stability and service life of it is limited. In general, the manufacturer will mark the 1

Calibration effective time is 1 years or 2 years, due for re calibration. Please users

consider to re calibration of the channels in the selection of Crankshaft Position Sensor, do not covet cheap or

superstitious foreign goods and ignore the after sale service asked

Application of temperature sensor in the engine room
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Application of temperature sensor in the room, is mainly used for monitoring host a program

reaches a certain value after the alarm application scheme has great advantages, and spread to

many areas in the. The room temperature and humidity as a necessary condition for the normal

operation of the computer equipment, we must install a temperature and humidity Camshaft Position Sensor in a

reasonable position room, 24 hours of real-time monitoring of temperature, humidity to

achieve, monitoring host and in the control room of the real-time display of temperature and

humidity measurement values of each position. Once the value exceeds the preset temperature

and humidity limits, can alarm by changing the corresponding position in the numerical color

monitoring host. To monitor the whole room in general, temperature, humidity, can be in the

return air inlet fan and air conditioner, are respectively installed temperature and humidity

transmitter to detect temperature and Engine Temperature Sensors humidity. Temperature and humidity monitoring except for

machine room monitoring, also can be widely applied in such as biological pharmacy, asepsis

room, clean workshop, telecom bank, library, archives, museums, intelligent building and other

industries need to temperature and humidity monitoring sites and areas. The advantage of the

application of open communication protocol, convenient system expansion. Configuration

software interface, guarantee system stability. Feature rich software, practical, convenient

maintenance and upgrade. Using high performance temperature and humidity transmitter, accuracy

and high stability. By using the digital signal transmission, convenient wiring, long distance

signal transmission.
Barometric altitude sensor is to use a pressure change to measure the height of a sensor
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Barometric altitude sensor is to use a pressure change to measure the height of a sensor. In

measuring the height of the time because of the need to be highly value calculated by the

formula of the processor, so when the pressureShaft Position Sensor is generally used digital signal output

products. Mainly used in the traditional floor positioning GPS altimetry outdoor climbing,

mountaineering mobile phone, camera, hunting, parachute meteorological equipment etc.. Main

features: barometric altitude Cooling Temp Sensor is to measure the height of the sensor by changes in air

pressure, therefore in the process of measurement is not affected by the obstacle, height

measurement range, easy to move, can measure the absolute height and relative height

measurement. The pressure and temperature to calculate the height of the error is relatively

large, especially in the near surface measurements, influenced by wind, humidity, dust

particles, height measurement accuracy. Influenced by altitude, the measurement precision is

Micro pressure sensor, micro pressure sensor parameters, micro pressure sensor selection, micro pressure sensor selection scheme
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Micro pressure sensor, micro pressure sensor parameters, micro pressure sensor selection,

micro pressure sensor selection scheme
One, product introduction and characteristics: 1, using imported special pneumatic pressure

sensitive core body; 2, selection of SMD technology into, is zero, the full-scale

compensation, temperature compensation; 3, high precision and high stability of amplifier

integrated circuit;
4, aluminum alloy shell structure, impact resistance, fatigue resistance, high reliability; 5,

the output signal (current, voltage type diversification type); 6, compact structure,

convenient installation; 7, M10X1 front end with Phi 8 tower shaped air connector, simple two,

product application: 1, pneumatic control system the system; 2, petrochemical, environmental

protection, air compressor;
3, building automation, building consumptionCrank Position Sensors system; 4, industrial process measurement and

control laboratory pressure check; 5, power plant operation inspection, locomotive braking

system; 6, furnace pressure control, pressure control ventilation system; three, the main

technical parameters: the measured medium: dry gas pressure gauge pressure type: differential

pressure range: -100KPa ~ 0 ~ 100KPa any optional (minimum range 50PA) output: 4 ~ 20mA (two-

wire), 0 ~ 5VDC, 0 ~ 10VDC, 0.5 ~ 4.5VDC (three wire) accuracy: ± 0.1%FS (range 10MPa),

0.25%FS, ± 0.5%FS power supply: 24V Dc (9 ~ insulation resistance: 36VDC) ≥ 1000 M Ω

/100VDC load resistance: current output Engine Temperature Sensorstype: a maximum of 800.
Voltage output type: more than 50K Ω medium temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 85 ℃, -20 ~ 150 ℃, -20

~ 200 ℃, -20 ~ 300 ℃ (optional) environment temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ storage

temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 90 ℃ relative humidity: 0 ~ 95% RH sealing grade: IP65/IP68 overload

ability: response time: 150%FS ≤ 10mS ≤ years: stability of vibration effects of ± 0.15%

FS/: ≤ ± 0.15%FS/ (mechanical vibration frequency of 20Hz ~ 1000Hz) electrical connection:

Hesiman joints tight line nut aviation connector four line shielding line